About Us

Vision, Mission Statement and Objectives


To be the pre-eminent Cycle Club in Northern NSW/Southern Queensland (the Border Ranges area?).

Mission Statement

To provide for all ages and abilities quality, safe, and challenging road racing over a variety of terrain.


  1. Strong, effective and accountable Club administration.
  2. Increased Club membership and riding skills across age groups, gender and abilities
  3. A reputation for excellence in promoting and conducting cycling events,
  4. Stakeholders, Club members and the broader community are fully aware of the opportunities for safe cycling and training provided by The Club.

The Club

The Murwillumbah Cycle Club (The Club), established in the early 30s, is one of the oldest cycling Clubs in Australia. The Club is affiliated with Cycling Australia through its membership with Cycling Queensland (CQ).


In October 2017 the Club had 149 members. Membership is spread geographically (58% NSW, 42% Queensland) no doubt a reflection of the Road Licence held by the Club and the quality of the competition offered by the Club

Race Licence

The focus of the Club is road racing based on an annual Road Licence granted by Tweed Shire Council to the Club. The Club has been conducting races from Pat Smith Park for over 20 years, without incident. The Club also conducts races at the Industrial Estate, Lunberg Drive, Murwillumbah, Mooball, and Tyalgum. This licence, which is sought in September each year, allows the Club to use nominated public roads for racing subject to appropriate safety requirements.

The Club’s Racing Calendar runs from March to September with a range of riding circuits. The greater majority of races start at Pat Smith Park, which has limited facilities (a picnic shelter, informal parking areas and a portable toilet brought to the Park by the Club for each Event). Each weekly event is categorised in accordance with Cycling Queensland requirements. ‘Club Combine’ events are eligible to Club members, 2 invited CQ clubs and approved visitors only, and ‘Club Only’ events are eligible to Murwillumbah Cycle Club members only. The event classification determines the accreditation level and number of officials required. A limited number of races are for Club members only including the Club Championship run annually in August/September. The Calendar includes provision for members to compete in significant non-Club events such as the Battle on the Border and the Tyalgum Cup.

Race Management

Safety is of paramount importance. All racing is conducted in accordance with Cycling Australia Technical Regulations. Members are graded according to cycling ability and experience (A, B, C, D and E) and each grade competes separately, with fields limited to 30  riders. CA accredited commissaries are responsible for the conduct of each race and have the authority to withdraw riders from an event for breach of safety rules as defined by the Club’s Events Management Plan. Accredited traffic Controllers (provided by the Club) control traffic in accordance with Traffic Controls Plans prepared by the Club in accordance with the ‘NSW Guidelines for Bicycle Road Races. First aid is available from a qualified practitioner who follows the last rider on the road.

Member Development

The Club has 4 qualified coaches; and 25 Commissaries.

Key issues

Following meetings with committee members and discussions with individual Club members the following key issues have been identified:

  1. Retaining the Road Racing Licence
  2. Maintaining current status of Club activities and Events – in particular safety, and numbers in each grade
  3. Diversifying and extending Club membership – particularly rookies, and women
  4. Improving the standard of racing
  5. Attracting resources– funds, people –to run effectively the Club
  6. Raising the profile of the Club within the community
  7. Improving Club facilities – particularly at Pat Smith Park

Aims and Strategies

Aims Strategy to achieve Aims
Aim: To provide strong, effective and accountable Club administration
The Committee
Aim: To ensure the Committee operates best practice procedures
Improve the structure and effectiveness of the Committee
Aim: To increase the quality and number of volunteers involved with the Club
Support, train and incentivise volunteers / members to undertake Club activities
Financial sustainability
Aim: To maintain an effective Club financial position.
Seek additional revenue sources for all Club activities
Member recruitment, development and retention
Aim: To increase Club membership and riding skills across age groups, gender and abilities
Membership growth/retention
Aim: To increase the number of Club members
Attract new members (particularly juniors, women, and people who want to cycle or race but are apprehensive); and retain existing membership
Broaden the activities of the Club beyond racing events
Novice development
Aim: To attract new members to the Club who have not previously participated in cycle racing
Develop a pathway to encourage novices to participate in Club racing events
Junior development
Aim:  To develop a strong junior section in the Club
Attract junior members to the Club
Develop a pathway for juniors to compete at the highest level commensurate with their abilities
Create a sense of Club commitment to juniors
Club Camaraderie
Aim: To create a strong sense of connectedness of Club members to the Club
Encourage all members to identify with Club values; and to work for the benefit of the Club
Coaching development
Aim: To ensure sufficient coaches to provide coaching to meet the needs of all levels of ability
Increase the quality and the quality of coaching with appropriately qualified coaches,
Officiating development
Aim: To ensure that there are sufficient Commissaries to allow them to also participate on a regular basis in Club events.
Increase the quality and number of Commissaries
A range of circuits for training, racing and social rides.
Aim: To maintain the reputation of the Club for excellence in promoting and conducting cycling events
Racing Calendar
Aim: To host varied, challenging and safe riding circuits which have minimal impact on other road users.
Prepare an annual calendar of Events and training for a range of rides and abilities
Promote Club racing to attract increased visiting riders
Communicate results in a timely manner
Risk Management
Aim: To provide for safe cycling with minimal disturbance to other road users
Provide safe cycling Events and training
Road Licence
Aim: To establish with the appropriate authorities the long term security of the licence for road racing in the Tweed Valley.
Secure the road racing license for the long-term from all relevant authorities
Conduct Club events in the interests of safe cycling and minimal impact on other road users
Improve Facilities
Aim: Ensure the Club has facilities commensurate with increased membership, particularly juniors and women.
Improve the standard of facilities at Pat Smith Park
Enhance Club’s Image within the Community
Aim: Increase the awareness of safe cycling opportunities available in the Tweed Valley to stakeholders, club members and the broader community
Increase the awareness at the local and regional level to the opportunities for safe cycling in the Tweed Valley
Create closer relationship with local authorities (TSC, Destination Tweed, Police)

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