The Murwillumbah Cycle club is one of the oldest clubs in Australia. We have chased up some amazing pictures to showcase past members and races the club has held.

In this gallery you may find images that we do not have any current information on and we would love for you to email us any information that you may have so that we can archive it.

The Cycle club was established in the early 30s and we are diligently trying to pinpoint that year.

Pacific Highway Race

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Pacific Highway Race Late 1957 or early 58 Left to right-Ray Rabjones, John Smith, Rube Dunn, Ron Crompton, Barry Hobbs, Vince Collings, Warren Dunn, Barry Glazeby, Ian Dawes, Bede Mulhall, John Walsh, John Hodges, Albert Alexander, not remembered - (waugh), Ian Baxter, Keven Baxter (or vice versa), Gary King, Bruce Anderson, Kev Penny, John Sams, Tom Waugh, Pat Ford (sunnies), Dudley Legge, Keith Tong, Jim Price, Cecil Stevens, Stan Knight, Graham Legge, Doug Price, Gary Anderson, Brian Kemp, Kenny Keana.