The Rules

Cycle racing is a great way to spend the day and by following a few simple rules we can all enjoy the experience. If you’ve never raced before or have little racing experience, then you need to understand the rules that every rider must know and follow. Because almost all of the rules are designed to keep you and others safe – so that everybody can go home without injury – significant penalties apply to breaches of them. You will find a full list of rules here. Please take time to read them.

Below is a summary of key racing etiquette, reminding everyone of their responsibilities when racing. If you’re unsure of a rule, please ask race officials (commissaires) prior to your next event:

  • Maintain your line & keep left unless overtaking
  • Do not change direction suddenly
  • Do not pass underneath in a corner
  • Do not overlap wheels
  • Do not pedal through corners
  • Do not ride inside the cones
  • Do not push, pull or interfere with another rider
  • Do not contest the sprint unless you’re confident of your ability
  • Do not look behind
  • Sprint in a straight line once out of the final corner
  • If you’re the lead rider, guide the peloton safely past hazards
  • Communicate your intentions with others
  • Keep both hands on the bars (unless taking a drink)
  • Follow all directions from marshals and officials
  • Show respect for all other riders and officials
  • Show courtesy to the general public at all times
  • Ensure your bike is in good working order
  • Ensure your helmet is AS 2063 approved, correctly fitted and not damaged
  • Ensure that your cleats are not worn out
  • Do not encourage or wave civilian traffic to pass either yourself or a bunch of riders
  • Do not ride inside the cones on your right hand side
  • Follow the road rules at all times
  • Do not pass civilian traffic or interfere with their progress
  • Always return your racing number promptly on completion of race

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